RoboCopy GUI


Visual interface for RoboCopy featuring job queuing, job monitoring, and logging.

Allows you to easily add multiple RoboCopy jobs to a queue, choose RoboCopy settings, or select preset settings, run an analysis to see what files / folders need copying and then monitor the job(s) live as they run using the Job Monitor.

New feature (v2.8) - can now parse existing RoboCopy command lines to populate your GUI settings.

New feature (v3.0) - you can now schedule jobs and receive email notifications (Portable Business version only)



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A Portable / Standalone version is available to purchase for Enterprise or Business use to run on Windows Server, this version includes job scheduling and email notifications.


Please contact me for more details.

Version History:
10/05/23 v2.0 Initial public release
20/05/23 v2.1 Added instructions and improved error reporting
03/06/23 v2.2 Fixed error with log location
04/07/23 v2.3 Bug fixes
09/10/23 v2.4 Core components updated
Bug fixes
Error handling improvements
13/10/23 v2.5 Error reporting fixes
21/10/23 v2.6 Save / Load Job feature added so you can save all jobs in queue to XML and quickly load them again
Core components updated
Fixed issue with Logs not being sorted correctly in Date/Time order
Exclude Files, Exclude Directories and File Filter now correctly validates entry for allowed values
Various other bug fixes
25/10/23 v2.7 Core components updated
Destination path validation logic improved
Bug fixes
26/10/23 v2.7.1 Fixed "Illegal characters in path" error in Destination path entry
Resolved issue where ExcludeFiles, ExcludeDirectories and FileFilter would not accept values containing spaces
05/12/23 v2.7.2 Fixed "Invalid RASHCNETO string!" error when using Include / Exclude Attributes
Improved error logging
27/12/23 v2.7.3 Rate and Review button added to About tab
05/01/24 v2.7.4 Bug fixes
15/02/24 v2.7.5 Improved folder browser dialog added for easier selection of network locations and mapping drives whilst elevated
Core components updated
Bug fixes
16/02/24 v2.7.6 Fixed speed statistics shown in results and logs
29/02/24 v2.8 New feature - can now parse existing RoboCopy command lines to populate your GUI settings
Now plays a sound and restores minimized window when job complete
Destination disk space issue resolved
Fixed issue with Minimum / Maximum Last Access Date switches not working correctly
Core components updated
Various miscellaneous bug fixes and code improvements
05/03/24 v2.8.1 Improvements made to error reporting and handling
Multiple jobs in queue can now be run concurrently if required
13/03/24 v2.8.2 Fixed multiple job checkbox not enabling when loading saved jobs from file
Added Include Modified (/IM) switch
Core components updated
14/03/24 v2.8.3 Bug fix
20/03/24 v2.9 Major improvements to memory usage to resolve 'System.OutOfMemoryException' errors on large jobs
Core components updated
19/04/24 v3.0 Core components updated
New feature - Ability to schedule jobs to run at specific times/days (Portable Business version only)
Email notifications (Portable Business version only)
26/05/24 v3.1 Core components updated
Parsing of UNC paths fixed
Multiple fixes and improvements made to job scheduler



Network Locations

You can use network locations for your source or destination, you just need to ensure the network location is mapped as admin as below. 

If not mapped as admin, then it won’t be seen / accessible, as RoboCopy GUI runs elevated so mapped drives need to be mapped elevated too.

1) Either use UNC path (recommended) e.g. \\\usb1 or \\TESTPC\BackupFolder

- or - 

2)  If you want to use mapped drive then ensure they are mapped as admin by following either step below:

     a)  via elevated (admin) command prompt e.g. NET USE Z: \\TESTPC\BackupFolder /PERSISTENT:YES

     - or - 

     b)  by mapping it directly within RoboCopy GUI from the browse source or destination windows by right clicking on This PC, and choosing Map Network drive (screenshot below shows steps). 


When configuring Scheduled Tasks ensure you use an account with adequate permissions for the job to run correctly.

If source / destination located on the same computer then use an account which is a local administrator of the machine, and ensure account doesn't have a blank password.

If copying across a network / domain from one computer or server to another then use an account with domain administrator rights.


Log files are located in: C:\ProgramData\PC Assist Software\RoboCopyGUI\Logs


Q. RoboCopy GUI does not launch when I click the icon on Start Menu.

A. If this happens then right click on the Start Menu icon and choose 'Run as administrator'.

Q. Is it possible to run the job without Analysis first.

A. No, the whole point of RoboCopy GUI is to show file / directory / byte progress information during the copy, it can't do this without analyzing first.  If you want to run a job without analysis or progress information being shown then the scheduler available in the business portable version allows this.

Q. Where is the /MT switch for setting how many threads to use.

A. There is no MT option because the code used internally already utilizes multithreading for the copying process, so it is redundant in this instance. Whilst creating the tool I did countless hours of testing with and without enabling the MT switch, and using various MT values and it does not improve the speed when run within RoboCopy GUI because of the internal multithreaded coding used, in fact in most cases it made it slower.